After a life-changing internship during the early 1990's at Maysles Films (Iris, Gimmie Selter, Grey Gardens, Salesman) in NYC, Ron Egozi built an impressive VHS collection and armed with a 35mm Nikon and a 16mm Bolex film camera, he began a career making pictures and never looked back.  Egozi has worked as a cinematographer for more than ten years shooting music videos, documentaries, feature films, promos, ads, scripted tv & web shows.  In 2016, Egozi was  selected for the International Motion Arts awards and the American Photography 32nd annual publication.

Select projects & awards:

50 Central / BET Season 1

Ed Sheeran, iHeartRadio Awards promo 2017

American Photography 32 Award, 2016 "Masked Boy"

International Motion Arts Award 5 - 2016 short film "More"

Givenchy Spring 2016 show -  director of photography 360 VR runway video for director and multimedia video artist Marco Brambilla with Riccardo Tisci’s & Marina Abramovic